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Name Description Platform
Acetate Buffer Compare the pH of a buffer solution to a weak acid solution. Win/Mac
Acid-Base Titration Perform strong acid base titration and plot titration curve. Win/Mac
Atomic Weight of Magnesium Determine the atomic weight of magnesium by the amount of hydrogen gas evolved. Win/Mac
Balance Lab Examine the precision of three types of balances. Win/Mac
Bond Lab Examine the chemical behavior of ionic and covalent bonds. Win/Mac
new2.gif (111 bytes)Caffeine Extraction Lab Extract Caffeine from a caffeinated beverage. Win/Mac(v5)
Cation and Anion Reaction This lab examines the reaction between cations and anions. Win/Mac
Charles' Law This Lab examines the relationship between volume and temperature for gases at constant pressure. Win/Mac
Crude Oil Distillation Separate crude oil into its components using fractional distillation. Win/Mac
Determination of Specific Heat Lab This lab uses a calorimeter to determine the specific heat of a metal. Win/Mac
Double Replacement Reaction Examine a simple double replace reaction. Win/Mac
Dumas Method (Ideal Gas Law) Determine the molecular weight of a gas using the ideal gas law. Win/Mac
Electrochemical Cell Create electrochemical cells and measure their voltages. Win/Mac
Flame Chemistry Examination of high temperature light emissions. Win/Mac
Fractional Crystallization This lab examines the properties of chemical solubility Win/Mac
Gas Compression Examine the relationship between Volume and Pressure in Gases at constant temperature. Win/Mac
Gravimetric Analysis of Chloride This lab uses gravimetric analysis to determine the percentage of chloride in an unknown. Win/Mac
Half Life Lab Determine the half life of a radioactive isotope. Win/Mac
Hard Water Analysis by Titration Measure calcium and magnesium content in water by titration. Win/Mac
Heat of Neutralization Determine the Heat of Neutralization for HCl with NaOH. Win/Mac
Hydrate Formula Determination of the formula of a hydrate. Win/Mac
Iron (II) Redox Titration Determination of the percentage of iron in an unknown iron (II) sulfate by redox titration. Win/Mac
Light-Catalyzed Bromination of Hexane lab Light is used as a catalysis in a reaction between Hexane and Bromide. Win/Mac
Molar Volume of Hydrogen Gas Determining Molar Volume of Hydrogen Gas. Win/Mac
Molecular Viewer Lab Use RasMol molecular viewer from ChemLab to view molecular structures. Win
Nuclear Chemistry Lab Examine different types of radiation. Win/Mac
Oxygen Production Oxygen is produced by the decomposition of potassium chlorate. Win/Mac
new2.gif (111 bytes)Paper Chromatography Lab Examines the lab technique of paper chromatography Win/Mac
Reaction Kinetics in Redox Reaction Investigate the reaction kinects involved in oxidation of iodine with hydrogen peroxide. Win/Mac
Unknown Acid-Base Titration This lab examines the titration of unknown acids with a known base. Win/Mac
Spectrophotometer Lab An examination of the use of Spectrophotometer and the Beer-Bouger Law. Win/Mac
new2.gif (111 bytes) Standardization of a NaOH Solution Lab Standardizing a NaOH solution with KHP Win/Mac
new2.gif (111 bytes) Volume Lab Explores the use of volumetric glassware in a lab Win/Mac
Volumetric Analysis of Chloride Volumetric analysis is used to determine the percentage of chloride in an unknown. Win/Mac
Volumetric Analysis of Copper (II) Sulfate Volumetric analysis is used to determine the percentage mass of copper in a copper(II) salt. Win/Mac
Water Salt Concentration by Conductivity Determine salt concentration by measuring conductivity. Win/Mac
Water Salt Concentration by Titration Determine the salt content of water by titration. Win/Mac
Weak Acid Titration Perform weak acid base titration and plot titration curve. Win/Mac

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