Setting Options

ChemLab allows the setting of a number of options including equipment options, current lab module, printing and window settings. Equipment specific options include conductivity meter mode, magnetic stirrer speed and hot plate & heating mantel heat. All these settings are available under the Options main menu and some are also available under the context menu using the right mouse button.

Equipment options are set in the Equipment Options dialog box. These options include the setting for the thermometer temperature scale, the size of the text font used in main lab window graphics (for example, equipment labels), settings for the heat transfer rate for the bunsen burner and the hot plate and a setting to show Actual or Scale volume in the titration dialog box for the buret. These settings are preserved until changed.

Printing Options include any combination of Lab Space, Observations, Procedure or Introduction.

Lab Only and Both Lab and Text are main menu Window options. Setting these determines whether both the main lab window and the text window are visible or only the lab window. These may be set by selecting Options from the main menu or using toolbar buttons.