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Name Description Platform
Acetate Buffer Compare the pH of a buffer solution to a weak acid solution. Win/Mac OS X
Acid-Base Titration Perform strong acid base titration and plot titration curve. Win/Mac OS X
Atomic Weight of Magnesium Determine the atomic weight of magnesium by the amount of hydrogen gas evolved. Win/Mac OS X
Balance Lab Examine the precision of three types of balances. Win/Mac OS X
Bond Lab Examine the chemical behavior of ionic and covalent bonds. Win/Mac OS X
Cation and Anion Reaction This lab examines the reaction between cations and anions. Win/Mac OS X
Charles' Law This Lab examines the relationship between volume and temperature for gases at constant pressure. Win/Mac OS X
Crude Oil Distillation Separate crude oil into its components using fractional distillation. Win/Mac OS X
Determination of Specific Heat Lab This lab uses a calorimeter to determine the specific heat of a metal. Win/Mac OS X
Double Replacement Reaction Examine a simple double replace reaction. Win/Mac OS X
Dumas Method (Ideal Gas Law) Determine the molecular weight of a gas using the ideal gas law. Win/Mac OS X
Electrochemical Cell Create electrochemical cells and measure their voltages. Win/Mac OS X
Flame Chemistry Examination of high temperature light emissions. Win/Mac OS X
Fractional Crystallization This lab examines the properties of chemical solubility Win/Mac OS X
Gas Compression Examine the relationship between Volume and Pressure in Gases at constant temperature. Win/Mac OS X
Gravimetric Analysis of Chloride This lab uses gravimetric analysis to determine the percentage of chloride in an unknown. Win/Mac OS X
new2.gif (111 bytes)Half Life Lab Determine the half life of a radioactive isotope. Win/Mac OS X
Hard Water Analysis by Titration Measure calcium and magnesium content in water by titration. Win/Mac OS X
Heat of Neutralization Determine the Heat of Neutralization for HCl with NaOH. Win/Mac OS X
Hydrate Formula Determination of the formula of a hydrate. Win/Mac OS X
Iron (II) Redox Titration Determination of the percentage of iron in an unknown iron (II) sulfate by redox titration. Win/Mac OS X
new2.gif (111 bytes) Light-Catalyzed Bromination of Hexane lab Light is used as a catalysis in a reaction between Hexane and Bromide. Win/Mac OS X
Molar Volume of Hydrogen Gas Determining Molar Volume of Hydrogen Gas. Win/Mac OS X
Molecular Viewer Lab Use RasMol molecular viewer from ChemLab to view molecular structures. Win
new2.gif (111 bytes)Nuclear Chemistry Lab Examine different types of radiation. Win/Mac OS X
Oxygen Production Oxygen is produced by the decomposition of potassium chlorate. Win/Mac OS X
new2.gif (111 bytes)Paper Chromatography Lab Examines the lab technique of paper chromatography Win
Reaction Kinetics in Redox Reaction Investigate the reaction kinects involved in oxidation of iodine with hydrogen peroxide. Win/Mac OS X
Unknown Acid-Base Titration This lab examines the titration of unknown acids with a known base. Win/Mac OS X
Spectrophotometer Lab An examination of the use of Spectrophotometer and the Beer-Bouger Law. Win/Mac OS X
new2.gif (111 bytes) Standardization of a NaOH Solution Lab Standardizing a NaOH solution with KHP Win/Mac OS X
Volumetric Analysis of Chloride Volumetric analysis is used to determine the percentage of chloride in an unknown. Win/Mac OS X
Volumetric Analysis of Copper (II) Sulfate Volumetric analysis is used to determine the percentage mass of copper in a copper(II) salt. Win/Mac OS X
Water Salt Concentration by Conductivity Determine salt concentration by measuring conductivity. Win/Mac OS X
Water Salt Concentration by Titration Determine the salt content of water by titration. Win/Mac OS X
Weak Acid Titration Perform weak acid base titration and plot titration curve. Win/Mac OS X

Additional simulations developed by third parties are also available: UDL Libary Exchange page 


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